Saturday, March 23, 2013

Late March Snowstorm

High of 70, low of 53. That was the forecast last year on March 23rd, a cool down of sorts after a scorching four day stretch of 80+ degree highs including the 22nd which topped out at a whopping 86 with a heat index above 90. This year it's 38 for a high with Winter Storm Watches up for all of Northwest Ohio. That's the thing about March, you just never know what it is quite going to be.

Now we've got a major snowstorm barreling towards the area potentially bringing very heavy wet snow. I do believe with the strong upper max shown southwest of the coastal wave that this will go a tad south of current predictions. With that I'm going with this...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Major winter storm to impact area

An incredibly tricky, and unpredictable storm is bearing down on our region. With temps at the surface hovering around freezing, and temperatures aloft staying below for much of the storm across the area we see the chance for every mode of wintry weather. With the warm front rising into Indiana and Ohio I am expecting rain at first before the switch over to a mix of sleet and snow occurs. Take into consideration a combination of the two is about a 6:1 ratio compared to the typical 10:1 that just a wet snow has. Also rainfall will require the ground to be frozen over which may melt initial pellets/snow flakes that hit the ground in these locations as well. Wintry weather will begin to fall after the morning rush hour on Tuesday morning across western portions of our viewing area, before places like Toledo and Detroit see snowfall around lunchtime. Cleveland and eastern Ohio will see wintry weather later in the evening, a similar time to those in our Canadian viewing area. Here is my accumulations map, keep in mind of the color key I have listed in the upper corner. For any questions leave a message on here or at my email which is

Remember folks, on our storm central page we have live webcam feeds showing local road conditions